Information Systems

Vandana Janeja, Professor and Chair

Vandana Janeja’s work on supporting STEM careers in data science [1,2] and cybersecurity [3,4,5] has demonstrated a need to bring diversity of thought in these fields. In her work peer mentoring has emerged as an effective model to enhance interest in these high demand careers.

Her focus on ethical thinking in the data science context [6] encourages a diverse viewpoint in highly technical skill oriented fields. Her recent study revealed that discussions of responsible algorithm design bring about a positive change in students thinking on how they code these algorithms, keeping diversity of thought front and center [6].

As Professor Janeja notes, “Diversity in computing, particularly in data science, can bring about a change in how we see algorithmic design. Diverse teams make more informed algorithms and provide a varied perspective in how we see the world and translate it with technology.

I am proud to be mentoring and supporting students who are bringing about this change as they step into their careers.”


A selection of Professor Janeja’s publications on diversity in computing include:

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[Photos by Marlayna Demond ’11]